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We're a family owned business that creates smiles & gets the taste buds popping with fun, innovative cookies and ice cream flavors.  We are a small-batch business with a soft spot for fresh, simple, premium ingredients (locally sourced when possible). No artificial whatchamacallits or mass production.... just old school craftsmanship and a ton of love!


Ice Cream is an open canvas where
we create yummy stuff that makes you happy - cultivating boldness, engagement and curiosity within the company and in our community. 



We believe if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing to the best of our abilities – from our culinary talent, to our front of house and catering team, we’re all about providing an old-fashioned service that’ll leave you smiling ear to ear! Our super helpful and friendly staff always goes the extra mile, and really cares about your overall experience!

Our craft cookies and honest to good ice cream are handmade in small batches only with simple, real ingredients. Like good old-fashioned elbow grease and tons of love! While we carry classics like chocolate chip cookies & vanilla bean ice cream, we pride ourselves on creating fresh, fun and seasonal flavors that “WOW!” and get taste buds popping!

We also love to recycle and maximize our supplies so the world is a greener, cleaner place. Our spork and paper products are biodegradable and our cookie boxes and plastic ice cream tubs are reusable – that’s 100% waste free. Our dedication to the environment, as well as local ingredients (when possible) further reduces our carbon footprint.



I've been in the catering biz for over a decade. What started as a popup turned into a mobile dessert truck in 2010 selling Craft Ice Cream Sammiches all over Southern California as a part of the food truck revolution. After seeing much success, in 2015 we opened our first Chunk-N-Chip shop at 4th Street Market, an artisanal culinary hub in historic downtown Santa Ana.

No matter how far we go, my passion and adoration for small batch creating old-fashion baking is unwavering. Chunk-N-Chip will always be small batch business, with an appreciation of simple, fresh and seasonal ingredients. We also value our team and it shows. A job at Chunk-N-Chip is more than just showing up and scooping ice cream or making cookies, it's about life lessons and personal development. When we invest in our staff it leads to an excellent retention rate.


We never plan to grow too big for our boots, and we are committed to creating truly wonderful cookies and ice cream that creates smiles and gets the taste buds popping with our signature treat - the Craft Ice Cream Sammich. 

While some think old-fashion values and service died out, we say it's only beginning. Salud!


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